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By Rebun Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:40 am
Hi everybody

I'm totally new to the mpc world and workflow. I recently took the jump from using elektron products, because I kept hearing good stuff about the mpc1000 and jjos. I make like electronica/idm type stuff and will primarily use the mpc to make beats from hits and loops, and use the grid/step sequencer. Furthermore I will use it to manipulate my samples/recording more. But coming from a elektron background I really love the parameter locks, and from what I've heard it can be done visual (not using ol skool step edit), to some extend, using os2xl. Meaning that every note of the same sample can have different values.

But I'm kinda lost between the version of jjos, apart from the fact that os2xl is where the fun is at. Currently I'm using 3.16, and I find the grid/step sequencer fairly limited compared to what I've seen can be done using os2xl.
So I need to upgrade but I dont know which version is best for me - I found some topics stating that some key features from the step/grid sequencer disappeared in OS3? But the whole mpc terminology is new to me, so reading a long topic can be quite overwhelming.

So people out there using mpc+jjos ox2xl for making electronica/idm stuff - which vesrion do you use, and why - is OS3 the one to go with? And some secret tricks & tips on making idm/electronica on the mpc, would be lovely :):)

By MGoolas Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:00 pm
I have started recently experimenting with Psytrance music as I was always curious to learn how do they do these complex sounds and I put one rule , no daw but use the mpc as my main sequencer for controlling vst modules through cantabile on my pc.
Now coming from octatrack and all these plock thingies keep in mind that the mpc is not as direct in changing several values live as you have only 2 qlinks per track and you can only control the qlinks on one track per time (live). If you have for example LPF sweeps on several tracks you will have to record these sweeps on the mpc .
Now considering the jjos , I still go with 2XL as OS3 does not have the midi editing tools that 2xl has yet. If you record a midi track for example you see all your notes and durations on the grid sequencer something that you don't see in OS3 yet. This is very big if you are writing midi on your mpc with a midi keyboard.
You can still set up live set ups with mpc and easily create multi sampled instrument programs which is easier than octatrack as far as I can tell.

In a few words: OS3 = crippled midi editing, if you are not recording just hits then its a no no , OS2XL = midi notes editing, separate Filter adjustment, attack etc per single hits so in my book 2XL is more capable than OS3 and its the way to go.

Octatrack still kicks ass in terms of plocks and "blending" of different sound attributes though
By IanEye1k Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:47 pm

I have an MPC1k and an Elektron Digitakt, with plans to own a Digitone as well.
I really only want to use the midi editing on the MPC as a “song mode” for the two Digi boxes, send out program change info to them, and syncing all the boxes with the MPC as Master.

But then on the internal sampler side of the MPC, make use of all of the MPC’s options for its own samples.
The internal sampling part is where OS3 looks cool to me, as opposed to midi editing for external boxes.

So, all of this is a long winded way of asking if the midi editing on OS3 is at least advanced enough to send program change info to the Elektron boxes.

And then I could have fun with the sampling features of the MPC as well.

Thank you,