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By dreamsnake Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:41 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm dreamsnake, nice to meet everyone, this is my first post here :)

On my mpc1000 with jjos2xl, I try to find a way to input a midi channel on a single track.

There is already on [mode][pad9/midi] an option called "Active track channel". When you select "ALL" every input are gonna work. And, as you understand, if you choose only one channel, for example the 5th, this only 5th channel will be input.

But those input select are working for all active tracks.
It means, as I use my mpc with my synth├ętizer, my synthetizer is sending 2 different channel (example 4 and 5), the "active track channel" on the mpc is set on "ALL", so I can create 2 different MIDI tracks on MPC with different channel FROM my synthetizer.

So I start to "REC" the first synthetizer from channel 4, then it creates a loop because my "OUTPUT" from my mpc on this track is set on 4A to create the loop, then I "REC" my 2nd synthetizer from channel 5. AT THIS MOMENT, as I created a loop and it's still running with the 4th channel, when I rec the other track from channel 5, the "REC" write notes from channel 5 AND channel 4. THIS IS BECAUSE OF THE "Active track channel" set on ALL. BUT I DON't have choice if I wanna make it in LIVE.

SO, my QUESTION is: Is there a way to active a channel input for EVERY SINGLE TRACK?

Thank you everyone to reading me! :worthy:
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By Lampdog Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:10 pm

What model is your synth? Is it Multi-Timbral?

MPC track needs to be MIDI type and use synth midi numbers.

If your keyboard is multi-timbral you can do this.
seq1, trk1 (midi type) = Synth prg MIDi #1
seq1, trk2 (midi type) = Synth prg MIDi #2

If it is not then you can only do this...
seq1, trk1 (midi type) = Synth prg MIDi #1
By dreamsnake Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:26 pm
Hey, thanks for your answer.

My synth is a Juno DS, it is multi timbral.

What you tell me to do is what I did to recorded it.

So it works, I can record two different midi tracks from 2 different channel.

But there is two problem:

1. If I rec the second midi track WHEN the first one is running, the first one write its notes on the second tracks too.

2. If I rec separately the two tracks (I mute each one of them) and when the play is one for the two tracks after recording separately, there are some interference due to pitch bend for example (used for the first rec). So as you can imagine the melody is changing.

Of course I could desactivate my pitch bend of my juno, but it would be easier if there would be a way to choose input on EACH track :|