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By Jez_Wright Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:05 pm
Hey all!

I'm using an Arturia Keystep as the MIDI input source for the MPC1000 (JJOS2XL).

I'm trying to record MIDI sequences from the Keystep's arpeggiator into the MPC but I'm running into latency issues. The Keystep clock is slaved to the MPC and the arpeggiator clocks perfectly (as do the modules with the MPC acting as a thru), it's just the recorded MIDI that plays out of sync. Any tips?

MIDI routing is as follows:

Keystep MIDI out <> MPC MIDI in
MPC MIDI out A <> Kenton MIDI thru <> synth modules
MPC MIDI out B <> Keystep MIDI in