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By MrDismal Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:22 pm
Hey fellas,

I've been using an MPC 2500 with JJS OSXL (upgraded form years of using a 2000XL), and I've picked up the OS with flying colours except this one beat I'm working on seems to not save any new sounds I add to to my pads.

It also doesn't save any of the params like filters settings etc. It just seems to reset them even after saving entire memory.

The new sounds get saved to the folder, but don't save to the pads. All the notes are saved though when I record pad hits.

So just to recap:
So I'm going in and recording sounds, adding them to pads, record hits on the pads, freak the filters and tune them yadda yadda, go and save it, reset MPC and load up the project but they're all missing.

It's super weird because my initial sound and stuff are there when i first made the beat. I don't think any of the filters actually saved though.

Is there anything I can check to see if it's overwriting somewhere?

I'm using v3.55
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By 27b Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:29 pm
sounds like the issue you were having is that it's not overwriting existing programs in the folder. there is a field to specify if you want to overwrite existing during the save.