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By spenny23 Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:57 pm
ey all, ive picked up a MPC1000 (jjos 3.13) recently but am already facing some issues with saving. I have several samples that i've assigned, however, im not able to figure out how to save my assigned pads, so when i turn back on my mpc, the samples are oriented and assigned to the pads as ive saved them.

ive tried saving entire memory function, but am getting lots of freezes. ive created a new folder, but it still freezes when i save. Ive tried the auto-save function, which results in yet another freeze....

please can someone explain a comprehensive method for me to save my sample assignment (pads) setup? im trying to DJ live and have all pads filled with samples in certain order, so its necessary i can save them and open them as saved when i turn my machine on.