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By momodig Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:40 am
I'm using the 2500 as master... I have the MPC communicating with the digitone through midi... everything seems to be working right... but I'm having one issue.

I have three drum patterns recorded usisng the MPC sequencer... pattern a, b and c I call them... I have two bass lines programed with the digitone sequencer... One pattern is in pattern bank 1 the other is in pattern bank two... now when press play on the mpc, the digitone works as it should, playing back the bass line perfectly in sync.

But when I make a program change... using the MPC... so when I'm playing drum patter A and B, I want to play bank 1 on the digitone and when I play pattern C on the mpc I want to play bank 2 on the digitone... again everything plays in sync properly... but when I do a sequence change say from pattern A to C on the MPC, the digitone doesn't change patterns untill the 2nd bar of the MPC drum track...

Any suggestions?