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By Sense-A Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:49 pm
Who else is loving these features? They are in JJOS2xl in trim mode, then click edit and scroll.

It helps me get some really crunchy drums.

You can bit convert all the way down to 4 bit!

I like to use 10 bit or 12 bit and use 22050 sample rate.

The ring mod lets you mix in a sine wav or square wave and set frequency. There's a Mix parameter from 1-10 I'm guessing that it is the mix level of the modulation you're mixing in.

It lets you "PLAY" before you "DO IT" so you can demo it first.

Great feature.

Also the Time stretch has a bunch of different presets that may be useful. But the live timestretching of OS3 is so tempting to make the switch.
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By inflict3 Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:27 pm
Didn’t know about this feature. I got down on jjos2xl but couldn’t love it, once I tried jjos3 I fell back in love with my 1000... thanks for posting this, ima have to check that out :smoker:
By MGoolas Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:28 pm
inflict3 wrote:Didn’t know about this feature. I got down on jjos2xl but couldn’t love it, once I tried jjos3 I fell back in love with my 1000... thanks for posting this, ima have to check that out :smoker:

What are you favourite feature in os3 that cant be found in 2xl? I am way too long on the fence and I need to make up my mind lol
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By Sense-A Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:11 pm
Some more tips for you guys to get your drums or other samples to sound grungy or low bit or low sample rate.

You can go to mode, effects, and run FX1 into FX2. So you could run a drum sample through bit grunger two times, or into a compressor effect. You can also run the analog input into FX1 or FX2 or through filters or EQ's WHILE you are monitoring sounds to sample. Cool and very useful. Sample it WITH the FX already being applied.

You can also route your FX to certain tracks.

So if my drums are on tracks 1, 2, and 3, and my other layers are on other tracks, I can just have bit grunge or compression or both on tracks 1,2, and 3. I'm grunging up my drums but leaving other tracks alone.

Also, the video doesn't demonstrate the ring mod in trim mode, but it can give your drums that "ring" that people claim aliasing does in old drum machines like SP. And like I said, you can trial the effect before actually applying it to the sample.

All of these things are easy and fast to implement on the MPC 1000 and gives you much more control over drums and so forth.

One of my biggest pet peeves with the MPC 1000 is I don't think you can lower sample rate while sampling. The only work around is applying the bit grunge FX DURING sampling. Otherwise you just have to process the sample after you've saved it using methods above.

As far as pitching within the MPC 1000, I don't think it transposes samples very well. As you get further away from the original pitch of the sample, it starts to sound like garbage compared to what my Akai S1100 can do or the ASR-10.

The MPC 1000 is my favorite sampler, still, and I have lots of them. Primarily because of the JJOS and workflow and great sequencer and portability of moving it around. There's no automatic ease getting samples to sound great. It takes a little extra work, resampling, FX, etc.
By MGoolas Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:14 pm
My workflow is usually like this : Sample drums with highs and lows at +3db (from my mixer). Copy the drumsample and convert to 8bit 11025khz.
Mix the original and the bit crushed at 40-60% from trim.
Add grunge at 2 and resample.

I have seen that bit crushing at 22khz does not make that much of a difference in most of my samples and the 11khz is where the ringing is. So mixing them both gives you a good fidelity of the original sample along with some crunchy ring.

Or at the end of the day if you have a sound interface just send the drumbeat through the sp950 vst and sample back to mpc
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By Sense-A Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:42 am
Most of the time for me, bitcrusher sample bit 10, sample rate 22050 is the sweet spot. I've tried doing it to the same sample two times in a row, but it doesn't seem to pile on itself to keep crushing over itself. I guess I could resample and bitcrush it again but that's too much effort.

I was overwriting the files. But your way you could bitcrush it to a new sample which is the default and then, in JJOS2XL, you can combine two samples quick in TRIM MODE. It's called COMBINE A+B about two clicks over from bitcrush. That way you get a combined wet and dry signal. I haven't experimented with that too much.

I, too, like to turn Big Grunger down. The default setting of 4 is too grungy in a bad way.

Here's an idea to speed up your workflow. If you already know you want the Bit Grunger FX on your sample, you can run the incoming signal through the internal FX on the way in the first time you sample it. Go to Effects then hit GoToMix (F5) and then turn Input Thru ON. Then go down to mixer on right side and click FX1 and the SEND amount.

Now you have bit grunger on your original sample, no resampling required. Now do your normal Bit Crusher 8 bit routine. Hopefully this saves you a step. See if applying bit grunge first during original sampling, THEN bit crush changes the sound much for better or worse. It's save you time.

Here's my routine (I'm still working to perfect it and speed it up)
1. Sample
2. Save sample and go to MODE + PAD6 Trim Mode
3. First I normalize the sample.
4. Modify begin and end points
5. Then in the same screen, [TRIM MODE] I use bitcrusher sample bit 10, sample rate 22050. I overwrite existing file. That was quick and easy. Or save to new sample name and then combine. Now let's go to FX.
6. Assign it to a program and pad and then hit F6 and go to FX and assign it to ST FX1 SEND 100 Do this for all pads within the program that you want to send through FX. SHORTCUT: Hold shift and click all and you can change all 16 pads at a time. FAST!
7. Mode + Pad 12 Effects
8. First on the MASTER channel. I have EQ and COMPRESSOR.
On EQ I have 8000,3500,500,60 set at +2,+4,-3,+5. This example takes out the "harsh lower mids"
On the compressor we want to be mild here because we're going to run it into another compressor again.
Set the master compressor at -20 threshold, +3, ratio 8:1

9. Now let's do FX1 and FX2. Set it so that FX1 runs into FX2. This is important.
Set FX1 to Bit Grunger. Set it to depth of 3. Experiment if you want with values 1-8
Set FX2 to Compressor again. This one with -15 threshold at -15

OPTION B: Set both FX1 and FX2 on Bit Grunger but dial them both down to 1, or set the first to 2 and the second to 1. You get bit grunging fed into more bit grunging on FX1 feeding into FX2. Could get extra crazy but tamed by dialing it most of the way down.

OPTION C: Run sample through FX1 when originally sampling. Can run sample through filters or EQ on the way in as well. This saves time and, since FX is already applied to sample while we sampled it, it frees up FX1 and FX2 for later uses. The time saving option I proposed to MGoolas above.

You only have to do steps 1-5 for additional samples.
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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:07 pm
Dope stuff guys, thanks for the tips seems I've completely overlooked these features :smoker:
By MGoolas Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:30 pm
@Sense-A thanks for all that detailed workflow man , really appreciate it when people share their JJOS workflow tips. It seems that this OS is much loved but not much knowledge can be found on the internet !

And don't forget the pitch shift in trim. That **** really introduces some very very tasty aliasing artifacts. Change the pitch to -1 semitone and enjoy the darker aliased sound of the mpc's poor pitch shifter :smoker:
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By Sense-A Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:21 pm
I haven't had much luck getting the ring modulation to sound good.

After some experimentation, I use the compressor on the master bus and set both FX1 and FX2 on BitGrunge, have FX1 feed into FX2 and then dial the BitGrunge down all the way to 1 since it is passing through it twice.

Sampling IN THRU the FX seems to sample hotter than without going through the internal FX. The fact that JJOS2XL allows you to do this is worth the price of admission alone. How many samplers let you sample IN THROUGH the internal FX on the first go? Most require you to resample and many don't even allow you to resample the internal sounds at all, let alone through the internal FX.

You can change the "tune" from the program screen. I've learned that changing the tune just a little bit (right side of the decimal point) seems to sound better than any drastic tuning. I don't think the old trick of sampling at 45rpm and then pitching back down to 33rpm sounds good in the MPC1000, but you can try for yourself.

I'm not sure what you mean by changing pitch from the trim mode. I don't recall that being an option. I'll have to double check.

Bit Reduction to 10bit 22050khz is the sweet spot for me. 11025khz sounds like trash. Also, the BitGrunge FX turned up past 4 sounds like trash.

When you finally get done with a beat, I suggest routing all your drums to the 3/4 outputs and make that your "Drum Bus." Then track out all outputs 1,2,3,4 to your DAW. All your samples will be on channels 1 and 2. Channels 3 and 4 will be all your drums and then you can apply more FX or Compression in your DAW. IllMuzik even has a youtube video showing you how a VST such as Decimort can get your drums sounding even better.

Try some of this and show us what you come up with. And let me know if you can find a good use for the ring modulation. Somewhere I wrote down what frequency the SP-1200 rings at. It's in the higher end of the spectrum.
By MGoolas Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:53 am
Bit Grunge past 4 is good for some acid house trashness . Load a tr606 kit and a single cycle square instrument and you are good to go :smoker:

JJOS2xl and 3 do have a pitch shifter in the trim mode and it sounds very crunchy if you change the sample by one semitone. Sounds like the forgot to enable filtering for the pitch shifting and you can hear aliasing artefacts in the sound which might be desirable sometimes.

Also sometimes I have Cantabile on (is just a VST rack and can be obtained for free) and I have one out through my interface and the SP950 plugin set to the SP1200 sampling rate and then I change the semitones on the slider in accordance to the semitones that I have changed my sample in the mpc. Resample all that back and I think that's the closest I could come to the 1200 sound without selling my a$$ in the streets.

I gotta try sampling from inthru though as you suggested. Never tried the idiot I am as I always sample something and do some light eq and compression and resample, that will save me some time for sure.
JJ gives so many options that really prevents me from upgrading to a live.
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By Sense-A Fri Mar 05, 2021 3:03 pm
Yeah. I noticed there is indeed a pitch shifter in trim mode. But there's no preview/audition option. So I have no idea what it sounds like until it has already processed. One cool thing is that there are lots of different presets (i.e. Female voice, male voice, etc.). Adding a preview/audition option to the pitch shifter in trim mode would be a huge help.

You can also tune pitch in program mode down to the hundredth of a decimal place.

I can't comment on VSTs since I rarely have a computer nearby when using the MPC1000.