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By soulgolem Tue Mar 09, 2021 2:48 am
Hi all, using JJ OS2XL.

here's how it's connected :

MPC1000 -> midi out > Bass Station II

here's what I want to do :

I want to play pads on the mpc and trigger internal sounds, but at the same time trigger notes on the bass station, now this isn't hard to do, but the problem is that ALL pads will now trigger sounds on the bass station even the ones I don't want to.

any pad can be set to output any midi note (per pad), but you can't completely stop a pad from sending a note, I tried the top note (127) and the lowest note (0) but the bass station will respond to any (which is expected but some synths sometimes have a working range)

so I need to either have the bass station IGNORE certain notes, which doesn't seem doable
or find a way to have the mpc1000 not send a note on certain pads (which doesn't seem doable either)
can't seem to set a midi channel per pad either, this would have solved the issue by just using a different channel for the pads I not to send a note.

would there be a workaround ?
I saw there is a midi processor embedded in a midi cable that you can use to filter a note, but I that seems not ideal, any other ideas ?