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By EliphasOfCascadia Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:21 am

short time reader first time poster.

been scanning through the manual for the mpc1000 as well as the jjos manual and i cant seem to find a way to have tracks containing different bar lengths contained within the same sequence.

i want to create a phasing effect ala steve reichs "its gonna rain" but obviously more on the grid.

ex. Track 1 - drums (8bars) Track 2 - chords (8 bars) Track 3 - melody (5 bars) that way the melody permutates over the chords creating changing harmonic modulation.

considered doing it by having a track in a different time signature but i dont think i can do that either.

anything i am missing or some super esoteric workaround?

By Jamie Wed Apr 21, 2021 8:53 pm
Hi mate,

I think tracks are tied to the sequence length but it might be worth looking into the Simult Sequence function to see if this can do what you’re after. I’ve not used it myself, but I believe you can play two sequences of different lengths/time signatures at the same time. Think it also gets referred to as Second Sequence.

Alternatively, you could multiply the two different length patterns and set the sequence length to the result. That would give you a sequence where both patterns would play without being truncated despite being different lengths.

So in your example, you’d have a 40 bar sequence where you’d program 8 bar drum & chord patterns and use Sequence Edit to duplicate them so you have 5 repetitions in total. Do same again for the 5 bar melody pattern but repeat it a total of 8 times.

There might be other ways the more experienced folk round here can suggest.

Might go listen to Electric Counterpoint now 8)
By EliphasOfCascadia Wed Apr 21, 2021 10:02 pm
yeah man! funny, i was working on the track here and just realized for myself what you said about making a super long sequence that has track lengths to account for the phasing. its glaringly obvious now.

but in my defense i have had the machine for 6 days and this is my first track which i am using as a learning tool trying to problem solve and figure out how to execute every idea i have, even if i dont end up using it.

however!! i havent read the part about second sequences and i will be going to go check that out right away. that sounds super useful for the music i am making.

thanks so much for the reply.