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By A pair of Glasses Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:29 pm
Hi team, how is every one?
Recently I’ve teamed the 2500 with a external drumcomputer,,

The thing I was running in to was for example,, u have a kick on pad1, and a sample on pad11 (just bank A, nothing fancy) and activate “simultaneously” from pad1 to pad11, (so if u hit pad1 it also triggers pad11)

I then wanted to trigger the ext drum machine by dialing in the midi out port (a) and it’s corresponding midi note (36 for a kick) also on pad1, so three actions on one pad,

When it’s all setup I’ve noticed that the midi out wasn’t working, until I switched the “simultaneously” option off.

Using the latest soft of 3.10 jjos

Thnx in advance