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By stan steez Sun Jul 29, 2007 3:11 am
This is the JJ OS FAQ - A collection of regurlary occuring Questions & Answers about JJ OS 1 & 2 and the MPC 1000 in general. This was created to help all the (new) JJ OS and MPC users in general. A JJ OSXL Section and a specific MPC 2500 Section has yet to be created. But as far as functionality goes, this FAQ generally applies to booth MPC 1k & 2500 versions of the JJ OS!

Searching Tips: In order to find what you are looking for quickly, you might want to use the find and highlight functionality of your favorite internet browser (this can usually be accessed by pressing [CTRL]+[F] on your keyboard). Instead of digging through the whole post, just open the Find dialog and type in the term related to what you are looking for.
Example: If you'd like to know how you could delete all the samples stored in the Internal Memory, just open the Find Dialog of your browser and type 'Internal Memory' and all instances containing the term 'Internal Memory' will then be highlighted in the Text of this Post. It's a very efficient way to quickly find help round here. Also, the Admins might be pleased because they don't have to lock down so many threads of posts, that contain this topic, which has been asked for dozens of times.

General MPC 1000 FAQ >> Impressive general MPC 1000 FAQ which answers a lot of Questions already!

Q: How many characters can a sample name contain?
A: 16 characters max, w/o the .wav suffix. EDIT: I just found out that, if you you copy samples on the HD, the files can be longer, as long as there are no dots (.) in the sample name and the no blanks ( ) in there. Blanks_have_to_be_replaced_by_underscores_like_in_this_example. Get a file renamer like this to let it do the dirty work for you.

Q: What's the maximum capacity for CF Cards for use with the MPC 1k?
A: Although AKAI says, it only could handle CF Cards with 2GB memory, 4 and 8 GB CF Cards have been reported working!

Q: How can I delete samples stored in the Internal Memory (like stock sounds or whatever)?
A: Well, actually you really can't just delete them. But what you can do is, overwrite them. At least in the AKAI OS or JJ-OS 1. In OS 2, the internal memory doesn't seem to be accessible any longer (at least in version 1.18). So, what you need to do is this:

  1. Turn Off Auto-Load for Internal Memory.
  2. Restart the MPC.
  3. Record some silence. 1 second is enough.
  4. Enter Trim Edit and change it's length from whatever it is to 'End: 00000001', so that you just have the smallest possible sample length. Press Edit [F6] and discard the rest.
  5. Assign that Sample in Program Edit
  6. Now, go to Save Menu and select 'Save: ALL PROGRAMS' and select the program you put that super small sample in - it's called 'Program01' by default.
  7. Press [Do It]. The following screen says: "This will erase all Programs and Samples in the internal flash memory". Press [Do It]. Done. At least it should be by now, but...
  8. If you're internal flash memory was full before, you probably can't save that program with the sample. It needs 10 KB of free memory at least to be able to save.
  9. If it didn't work, you have to load a program from the Internal Memory, with samples.
  10. Go to trim, and change the length of the samples just as in step 4) and discard the rest.
  11. Enter Save Menu again and save that exact Program, overwriting the old one. This should gain you the amount of free memory needed to save the other program.
  12. Now repeat Steps 6 and 7 and all the Internal Memory should be garbage free by now!

JJ-OS Basics (any Version):

Q: Where can I get the JJ-OS?
A: Click Here

Q: What are the differences between AKAI and JJ-OS?
A: Check out the JJ-OS Comparison Chart to find out...

Q: Do I have to buy both OSes - JJ OS 1 and 2 - to run a fully operable OS 2?
A: For the thousandths time: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: How can find my MPC 1000 Product ID?
A: In the Save dialoge. Press [MODE] > PAD 3...

Q: How Do I install any of the JJ-OSs?
A:There are 2 ways of doing it:

A) You're switching over from an AKAI OS to any JJ-OS or
B) You're Updating from previous JJ-OS builds.

In Case A, the OS has got to be installed from the CF Card, because the AKAI OS cannot open .bin and .os2 files! Put the CF card with the OS file in the MPC. Turn it off. Next, hold down the [WINDOW] button and switch the unit back on... follow the instructions on screen to install the new OS. After JJ-OS is installed, you can open .bin or .os2 files from the Load Browser. The CF Card is not needed for later updating.

In Case B, just put the OS-File on the HD or CF Card and execute it from the Load screen. After the installation is done, Restart your MPC and you're good to go.

Q: How can I install the JJ-OS, if my CF Card Reader is not working (broken pins etc.)?
A: Well, you just can't. If possible, try to fix broken or bent pins. You need to open the MPC to do that, of course. Then put the CF Card in and check if it's working. If it does, just leave it in the slot. Now, connect your MPC to your computer via USB cable and mount it. Select the CF card as source and copy the OS file to the CF Card. Restart your MPC and follow the installation procedure explained above (Case A).

Q: I'm looking for an older build of the JJ-OS - Where can I find it?
A: Dowload the JJ-OS Collection here Install at own risk!

Q: How can I change the contrast after I've installed the new OS?
A: Hold [STOP] and turn the DATA wheel to adjust the contrast. After you've set the contrast press [MAIN] so the setting will get stored.

Q: I've just installed the JJ OS, but the infamous Directory Error still occurs when I save! Why?
A: After installing JJ OS, you have to format your HDD or CF Card to avoid these errors. But make a backup of your files before formatting!

Q: I've just installed the JJ OS and the MPC behaves weird. What can I do?
A: Reset the MPC to factory defaults: Turn off your MPC, hold [ERASE], turn it on.

Q: Will I lose my serial, when I uninstall JJ's OS?
A: No. Once the serial is entered, it won't get lost. You can switch back and forth between AKAI's and JJ's Operating Systems without problems.

Q: When I turn on my MPC, the Tempo Setting is changed from [SEQ] to [MAS] or vice versa. Why?
A: Make sure to press MAIN after selecting the Tempo setting of your choice, so the changes will get stored.

Q: What's the best way to save my work?
A: Create a new folder and select the option 'SAVE ENTIRE MEMORY'.

Q: What's the best way to load my work properly?
A: Enter the folder with the project you want to open and load the Project File (.prj), it's the first file in the folder. This technique is more reliable than just loading the folder!

Q: Do I have to pay for every update?
A: No, of course not.

Is it possible to clear all events while the MPC 1000 is playing back?
A: No.

Where can I find the frame rate settings in OS 1 and 2?
A: Highlight the Time Counter in the MAIN screen and Press [Window].

OS 2 specific FAQ:

Q: Do I have to install JJ OS 1 to run OS 2?
A: Yes. And if you want to save your work in both of these OSes, you need to buy both passwords, too.

Q: How can I uninstall JJ OS 2?
A: "How to" not confirmed working yet. But basically, you've to install the AKAI OS again, then a JJ-OS 1 version. But the JJ-OS switcher screen remains, from what is known so far... update following.

Q: Where's the [PURGE] function in OS 2 hidden?
A: Enter GPE [MODE + PAD7] > Highlight the 'SAMPLE' Column > Press WINDOW 2x > Purge appears on F1.
Alternative Route I: Highlight the sample column in MAIN screen, then press [WINDOW] 2x.
Alternative Route II: Enter Trim Mode [MODE + PAD6] > Press [WINDOW] > F1

Q: What is the use of Active Track?
A: If you have a Q-Link assigned to effect a Track, then you can change the selected track without having to leave the track mute screen. Very handy indeed. (Submitted by: nanoloop)

Q: Where has track velocity setting gone
A: it's been replaced by the track mixer; press [MODE]+PAD4.
You can also use the LEVEL controls inside GPE to do so: [MODE]+PAD7 > [F6] (Out) > 'LVEL' column (combine with [WHOLE]).

Q: Where can I find the [WHOLE] function in GPE?
A: In GPE, hold [SHIFT] and Press [F6]

Q: In GRID EDIT, how can I display the program/samples in use?
A: Hold [SHIFT] and press the [F3] or [VIEW] (F4) to toggle the display on or off.

Q: How can I record effect changes?
A you need to create a new effect setting and setup the automation of changing the effect program via Step Edit. Duplicate your FX Setups, with variants of each all ready to go, then call them up as effect events in the Sequence, (insert effect#XX - in the event list - at the required step in a seq, or at the start of any seq that requires that particular FX). Then in each seq, the FX set will switch between the variants as the FX# event is triggered. But you can only backup 20 effects programs (inside All Seqs and Song).

OS 1 FAQ (also applies to OS 2 for the most part) :

Q: Should I switch to the JJ OS?
A: Yes. It doesn't matter how you use your MPC, the JJ OS is a more professional, featured, and capable system.

Q: Does it have any Bugs?
A: Yes and No. The programmer releases the OS in frequent updates with new features and bug fixes. As a result, there are sometimes small bugs that you can report on their web site. However, there are no bugs that exist in the JJ OS that are as serious as those that exist in the AKAI OS, which is known to mangle your saved files.

Q: How can I switch between OS 1 and OS 2?
A: Just hold [TAP TEMPO] and turn the MPC on, to switch/ set another JJ OS as default. (Also shown at the boot screen).

Q: How do I set the the Tempo and Bars of the default Sequence?
A: In Main Screen highlight the Sequence (Sq) and press [WINDOW]. Press F3 to set the sequence's default name, tempo, and bars.

Q: Why does the Tap Tempo function not work after I've installed JJ OS.
A: The function is presumably deactivated by default. To enable it press [MODE] > [OTHER] > [MISC.]. In the field 'Tap Average' change the value from 'OFF' to '2' or '4'.

Q: How can I change the swing and shift timing in real-time while recording?
A: In MAIN screen Press [T.C.]. In the next screen press [Q-LINK] and assign 'Swing' and / or 'Shift' to the Q-Link Sliders

Q: Do I have to jog all the way up to Track 57 to use Direct Record?
A: No. Hold [SHIFT] in MAIN Screen and press [F4] to quick select Audio Tracks, or change the track type to AUDIO.

Q: Is there a shortcut to toggle 'INPUT THRU' On and Off?
A: Hold [SHIFT] in MAIN Screen and press [F6] to quick select Input Thru.

Q: After I chop, why do all my samples cut each other off?
A: Your program is set to MONO by default after chopping. Change it to 'POLY'.

Q: When I load samples they don't auto-assign to the Pgm. Why is that?
A: Press window in the load screen. Then turn on 'Sample assign to pad Window'.

Q: How can I turn on 'Auto step increment' in Grid Edit?
A: In Grid Edit press [WINDOW] and set the option to 'ON'.

Q: Where can I find the Ring Modulator and the Bit Depth Converter?
A: Both features can be found in the EDIT section of the Trim Mode.

Q: So where's Pong hidden?
A: Pong was removed from the code because the space reserved for the OS is limited to approx. 890kb. It was removed to make way for more important features. But you can play Pong online here:

Q: In GPE, how can I select a specific pad range?
A: after you press whole in GPE, hold down F4 (first Pad in range) and/ or F5 (last pad in range) to select a group of pads other than A1 - D16.

Q: How do I create and set my own Splashscreen?
A: Check this Splashscreen FAQ

OS 2XL & MPC 2500 specific FAQs:
Work in Progress... stay tuned!

To be continued...

PS: Thanks to everybody who contributed to this so far!
PSS: Thanks to distortedtekno for making it sticky and providing me with older OS builds!
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By goodkat Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:18 am
this is a little more detailed,

tried to install os2 before putting 4.99 in. the 4.99 dl wouldn't work on my mac like the install of os2, so i put in 3.8 or 3.08, and it installed easily. Do i need to take 3.08 before installing 4.99? I see that upon boot, you just hit erase to go back to defaults. Should i do this and then try 4.99? BTW im using a Macbook Core2 duo w/2 gigs of mem.
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By distortedtekno Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:29 am
goodkat wrote:this is a little more detailed,

tried to install os2 before putting 4.99 in. the 4.99 dl wouldn't work on my mac like the install of os2, so i put in 3.8 or 3.08, and it installed easily. Do i need to take 3.08 before installing 4.99? I see that upon boot, you just hit erase to go back to defaults. Should i do this and then try 4.99? BTW im using a Macbook Core2 duo w/2 gigs of mem.

You don't need to install 3.08 to get 4.99 to work.
From what I've read on this forum, Mac has a strange way of confusing file extensions. Make sure the file extension of 4.99 is ".bin", or change it to that before downloading. Let me check the topic I was refering to incase my info isn't accurate.

By dtaa pla muk Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:30 pm
this is so good
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By daysis Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:07 am
Don't think this question has been answered yet. Will I lose the work saved on my MPC hard drive when i update from JJ 3.08 to JJ OS1 4.99 ?

And I'm still unclear about putting in the password...But im sure i can find the answer to that on the forum somewhere.
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By Shadyrest59 Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:26 am
Thanks for this. I have mostly all of questions answered.

I just downloaded 4.99I

Now I have to install it. First I have to make a backup of everything I've done on my MPC and then I have reformat my HDD after install and then put everything back on my MPC.

I have a question how do you reformat the HDD?

I'm sure the answer is up there I just gotta look in the manual or something.