Reviews and questions about the entry-level MPC500
By j78 Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:28 am
I'm here to resurrect this zombie thread, a decade later, just to say that you CAN save a default sequence BPM , you just have to save it to an All Seq & Songs file (like you would an FX set) and then set that .all file to your AUTOLOAD folder. The tricky thing is that it works on a per-sequence basis.


1. Change BPM of target sequence # to desired default BPM
2. In Sequence params / default settings, select 'memorize this sequence' and press DO IT
3. Save your settings to an .ALL file in the AUTOLOAD folder on your CF card.

This is also how you would change any other default settings, such as sequence / track name, etc. The caveat here is that if you wanted to change it for every new sequence (#1-99), you would have to repeat the first two steps for each before saving the .ALL file.
By Squire Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:44 pm
thecatinside wrote:Before you go any further with your 'kids these days'-sentimentality:

There's a slight difference in changing tempo and changing default tempo. I'm sure Ukaef knows how to change tempo if s/he's willing to take one step further and change the default tempo.

I looked trough my manual, explored the menues in my mpc, even searched youtube (only resulting endless amount of MAD BEATZ-videos, time well spent) and it seems like there's no way to change the default tempo. Thank god it's not that big of a thing to change the tempo after the startup.

All in all it was pretty **** in justified question.

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By Sharris Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:07 pm
ukaef wrote:I hope, that another gear that you my dear friends will buy, will be made in poland, and only language of manual will be polish. When you ask me for help, I will say to ya same ****, that you said to me in this topic. Anyway I dont have to explain myself, I put simple question to someone who can spend 5 secounds, and write

I'm confused. Are you not speaking & reading English now?

& why do you expect someone else to spend 5 seconds telling you how to do something when you're not willing to spend 5 seconds to look it up?

By the way, I wouldn't buy a piece of equipment with a different language on it, I wouldn't know what anything meant. How do you know what it says on your MPC 500? How do you know what the play button is? How the f>ck are you using the MPC 500 if you don't speak English? All functions are in English. Unless there are special Polish MPC 500's I'm not aware of. & if so, you would think it would have a manual to go with it.