Reviews and questions about the entry-level MPC500
By Lukai Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:09 pm
hello everyone, I bought this akai mpc 500 and I encountered some functional problems.

If the Over Dub button was used too many times the sampler crashed (maybe I was able to solve it by formatting the CF Card and reinstalling the latest firmware from the official site)

Another flaw is that if for example I set 16 bars, sometimes more are added.

also when I play or record on drums I notice that the sounds of the samples tend to choke , change or in any case suck to hear , other times instead maybe I record melodies and drums and out of 16 bars maybe 2 change or don't play ... I'm a a bit demoralized, does anyone have any indication for me? Thanks !
By Emilie Tue May 09, 2023 2:26 pm
Do you have the 128mb upgrade ram installed? If so, see if the problem dissapears after it's removed. Could be a bad connector