Reviews and questions about the entry-level MPC500
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By elimence Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:01 am
So this probably has happen to MANY people. I was adjusting the contrast knob and BOOM. The little screw head broke off during a very low contrast point. I cant see a damn thing. I'm assuming the MPC is still working because the backlight is on and I can turn on the "Full Level" and "12 Level" LEDs. I found the part list and I believe I have found the right part to swap out old potentiometer with a new one. The **** up part is the company made me buy in bulk... I had to purchase 40 potentiometers :Sigh:

So, hopefully this isn't my only issue with my 500 and hopefully this will be an easy task.

If all is a success, ya'll let me know if you need to fix a contrast pot because I will have 40 of them... smh

Peace everyone!
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By JUKE 179r Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:34 am
Did it work? what part number did you use?