Reviews and questions about the entry-level MPC500
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By Ill-Green Sun Jul 18, 2021 10:04 am
I need the mathematical formula of chopping samples equally with different pitch tune settings.

You see, for years my simple method for chopping was to get a clean slate, sample a wealth of material for a song, then trim the first sample by ear.

With that 1st sample's start and end points, lets say its 3459, truncated too, I either multiply or divide by 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. And I'll apply those numbers to all chops in that song.

Pitch Tune is fine and dandy when all chops on your pads agree to the same pitch. Chops really tight and locked in the beat. But the moment you shift the tune of a sample or two, the chops drift and become clumsy over the duration of the song.

Workaround would to simply resample. But if there is some algebra I am missing to chop up the numbers with different pitches, please let me know.

Thanks in advance :)
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By saltmcgault Sat Aug 21, 2021 6:45 am
ooZee wrote:СПАСИБО :)

Без проблем, мой друг.
За здоровье!! :smoker:
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By Ill-Green Thu Sep 02, 2021 9:24 am
saltmcgault wrote:

i’m not sure if this will answer your question but hopefully this helps.

My bad Salt!

I didn't think this question would get answered so quick. That calculator is giving me ideas of how to do the math manually. Thanks for that.

I really wanted to know because I am building my own diy sampler and wanted to know how pitch can be shifted to program it. It is a daunting task... I ditched the software based sampler idea and decided to build an all circuit hardware sampler like a guitar pedal. I learned that pitch can be controlled by manipulating the oscillator that some op-amps have.

Anyway thats another topic to be dived in perhaps at the DIY section here when I get it working soon.

Please drop your calculator methods for the sake of this thread. :smoker:
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By inflict3 Fri Sep 24, 2021 6:39 am
Illgreen back up in the 500 thread!! Hell yeeeeeaaaaa!
By mkdos Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:51 pm
Ill you need to get on the old Ensoniq EPS user group (BBS) on Google Groups... Treasure trove of techniques from the 80s and 90s there. Multiple threads with math for time stretching and chopping as well as some memory management techniques.