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By RRemix Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:56 pm
I have an RME interface with ADAT In & eight analog inputs. I would like to dedicate the ADAT all to MPC 5k, if possible, while being able to control overall volume of all the sounds from both the MPC master volume or RME master volume.

I would like kicks, snare, hats, percs, etc. on different output channels, with my main stereo sample playing on separate tracks... but having all on ADAT, not the analog outs.

example hookup:
MPC 5k ADAT Out tracks 1-8 (main sampler on 1/2, drums on 3-8) -> RME Interface ADAT In
synths -> RME Interface analog inputs 1-8
RME interface outputs 1/2 -> main speakers
RME interface outputs 3/4 -> MPC 5k inputs (to sample any audio from synths or PC & chop it up)
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By Lampdog Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:20 am

I have rme ufx and 4k with adat card.

I have my 4k adat going to ufx. Optical, I love it.

I can control volume with 4k mixer and rme mixer. 4k main volume and I assume the 5k main
olume is analog (pot), no digital signal runs through it. No control.

I also have a triton extreme with optical spdif (2ch) going to ufx adat 2. Ufx adat 2 is switchable
from 2ch spdif / 8ch adat. And same thing, main volume on triton is an analog pot, no volume control. I can control the triton volume with internal mixer and ufx mixer of course.

Digital is either full on or full off.
By RRemix Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:58 pm
thanks for taking the time for a detailed answer Lampdog! Much appreciated :)

Do you ever run into timing issues when tracking through ADAT, when recording multiple tracks at once? (having to re-align the tracks in the DAW, drifting, etc.?)

I'm torn between getting a 5k & using ADAT or getting the newer MPC Live & just transferring everything via USB.
By Eyalc Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:40 am
I don’t have my 5000 anymore, but when I did, I ran it Adat to an RME fireface.

No timing issues. It was perfect. I loved it also.