MPC5000 reviews, bug reports and fellow user support on the most recent standalone, hardware MPC from Akai
By f1rst_born Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:01 pm
My MPC 5000 just arrived, bought on Ebay. I had a 1K before. Initial thoughts

Looks awesome, build quality great. Faders nicely resistant. Switch buttons seem bigger than on the 1K and more robust and professional. The WINDOW light is a bright white rather than the yellow which I think looks lovely
I love the CD drive function. Great space-saving CD player option., I was booming my Wu-tang on it. The MP now sort of works as a self-contained mixer, in that I can hook up my TT to the phonos, my sound module to the jack inputs, and have a CD drive, so that covers most of my sources which I can select from at a touch of a button. That's what I call good workflow.
Synth sounds great and I love the Q controls and how they correspond.
Effects don't seem great at first taste but I might get something out of them with practice
It played all my 1K sequences without any trouble, and seems to sound better, which might just by my over-enthusiastic brain

Some quirks/ bugs;
Fader 2 moves, but the software reaction is in slow motion! So when I turn down track 2 it takes many seconds to fade down or up when I push the physical fader up or down. It's very bizarre. Maybe a reinstall of 2.0 Os would solve this?
Track mutes sometimes not working during sequence play! They won't turn on/ off when I hit the pads unless I stop the sequence! This isn't all of the tracks and it seems it's different tracks each time
Loading programs and samples takes AGES compared to the 1K, which seems like a regression

Questions, if anyone has the time/ patience to help me..
Is there a way to adjust track volumes in the MAIN window of a sequence. That would be sooo helpful. I could just click up to each track and slightly adjust the volume of it on the fly.

Any thoughts on my lagging Fader 2 and unresponsive track muting?