MPC5000 reviews, bug reports and fellow user support on the most recent standalone, hardware MPC from Akai
By SV1200 Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:28 pm
Been digging deep in this forum, looking for solutions. I am amazed the issue of the 5K restarting randomly has never been fully solved given the amount of people who have had the issue. Has Akai ever discussed with anyone the actual issue? I had a codec error, removed hard drive and its booting fine. Now its restarting randomly. Works good sometimes for 10 min, but ultimately always reboots

Things I've tried
- loaded 1.02 OS vs 2.0 OS no difference
- Erase button when turned on, reinitialize
- reseat all connectors
- turn off auto load.
- checked power supply readout with multimeter, all is good there
- changed power outlets and power cords

Just bought RAM upgrade, shot in the dark that it might change anything. Where is the standard RAM in the machine. Easy to change?

Other issue might be that pesky LI battery inside, I read replacing may fix ROM and time code, but that bad boy is soldered in. Nervous to replace that myself.

So sad this great machine has crippled so many with this issue, but it's never been solved. Anyone have some other ideas, suggestions, insights? I have brand new pads, new CD card slot installed.
By mpc5000kid Sat Jun 27, 2020 10:52 am
I myself have recently acquired an MPC 5000 and came across all the issues you had, the only difference was I never loaded the 1.02 OS but loaded 2.0 twice and oddly I only did the Erase button reinitialisation about 5 times and I think it may have corrected it’s self ,also i have kept it on autoload. This my first mpc and I wasn’t aware of how buggy it is.