MPC5000 reviews, bug reports and fellow user support on the most recent standalone, hardware MPC from Akai
By Romanp Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:31 am
Do you guys have any experience with scrambled patterns, haze, lines, characters etc on your screen?
Technically the screen is illuminating successfully. It is just showing nonsense. Sometimes it shows the normal screens. But mostly it is broken.

Just when I was getting back into tapping out drum patterns with a new philosophy of using no quantise. Or as little as possible.

Is this a common issue that is well known and diagnosed?

Perhaps my main reason for posting on the MPC 5000 group is to ask:
I read on MPCstuff:This is an exclusive LCD screen for the Akai MPC5000. Our LCD screens alleviate the need for the internal dimmer and inverter PCB boards inside of the MPC5000. The dimmer and inverter boards are a common issue with the MPC5000 units. So no need to replace the dimmers and inverters just replace with this plug-n-play LCD screen. No soldering involved like the original Akai screens.

Could this be an inverter/dimmer issue causing my scrambled screen?

Also I found an LED MPC 5000 screen on The seller is SNAFU.
MPC5000 Replacement Graphic Display.
Black on White, White on Black or White on Blue available. Specify which one you prefer.
These new Japanese made displays have an LED backlight, are superior quality and much much more reliable than the standard type used by akai.
They also look beautiful !
In use, in this MPC, this new display does NOT have any of the temperature problems associated with the standard ccfl backlit lcd. these problems are well documented.
This one is a modern LED type. It runs much cooler than a ccfl type, it's also temperature compensated. This ensures rock solid contrast stability.
Some minor configuration / modifications are required to leave the display Plug N Play in the MPC5000.
This work is included in the listing price.
Display arrives ready to Plug N Play.

Could this LED screen be superior to the LCD screen offered by MPCstuff?

Sorry for the large post. Could it have been edited smaller?