MPC5000 reviews, bug reports and fellow user support on the most recent standalone, hardware MPC from Akai
By ΩTek Sat Jan 01, 2022 9:05 pm
Hello ! hope for some solition with mpc's internal data corruption - firmware, or even some memory modules .

• I am not new with mpc and all music production on hardware in general .

• problem - worked all day on dope trax and after restart - all saved data not there no saves on bouth HDD nor Flash CARD .

• I save very project i am workong on , about every. hour .
how do i saveing - i save everu current project in its own folder .
i always save each project all together with all programs, samples , and all the jazzz together
HDD : [projec_save] and
same on FLASH CARD . in a good day i save about 4 - 6 times on hdd and card . ( card i use to copy backups on pc or cloud things in webs )
• after nice productive day of exciting new material crated , i restart my MPC , looking to load back and .. on HDD and CARD only all previous files and projects , NO NEW freshly crated saves !
all good stuff lost in saveing process i presume . whilst i was bangin an workin all saveing process went as usual , there was no indication that something is transfered to paralel dimension .
:Sigh: :Sigh:
.• So enyhow - does enybodi experienced smthn similar , is there some solutions for THIS not happening again ?

Is this an indication that my Old frend there is having som hardware/memory related problem , or is this some software bug and if instaling firmware could solve this isue ? ( i have latest fware)
i realy hope my MPC. is not going to get broken .. it's my main production station and i realy love workflow on my mpc5000 . and i will not be able to buy new samplarator :( .
By ΩTek Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:39 pm
found one of two bckups thankfully ..
BUT. minor bugs and software gliches remain as resulting in some one random edit or copy or smthn random comand for sample edit wont' function after a few hours . and then i usualy restarting system before it freezes