MPC5000 reviews, bug reports and fellow user support on the most recent standalone, hardware MPC from Akai
By BeatWilson Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:49 am
So i found a cheap MPC 5000. Only $550 Canadian. I already have owned a MPC 2500 and 1000 in the past so i know JJOS and all that stuff. I definitely noticed a difference with this MPC is chopping.

So my questions or gripes that i hope to get resolved...

1. I notice that when chopping you can zoom with the window button and when i use the Dial it goes hella slow on moving the marker chop up. I know you can use the Q Link Sliders and this has to do with my other gripe. So i noticed the q links were little stiff. Im a turntablist so i personally like a looser fader but this is not the gripe. Its that when I'm chopping more moving the q link it is only so responsive. I noticed when moving the marker fast it has a delay which expected at times. It just i want to be able to move the slider slightly and still get a reading out of it and it seems that it isn't happening all the time.

I was thinking it was possibly because this unit didn't come with upgraded ram, which is already pre ordered of course, but not having the chopping feature as smooth as what i felt JJOS was like is little bit of a draw back. I can learn and get over it. i was just wondering if there was a way to make the jog wheel/dial able to move faster within zoomed in wave forms? When chopped with JJ it was super faster. With this... not as much, but I've only had it a couple days so and at $550 canadian like i couldn't pass that up.

Also anyone install USB 3.0 or even just a usb port for a flash drive in the cf card area? i seen that done on a 2000 so i was just wondering. I heard of someone sodering a 3.0 in a mpc once in the past. just wondered how that worked out for them. Just so that files could possibly be transferred faster. Otherwise I'm gonna have to get a CF card reader for my computer.

Sofar the unit looks good. All the buttons work well. I find the OS little lacking in response or even the screen having to catch up with how fast I'm doing things at times. Get slight delays here and there. Im assuming because of the lack of ram right now and I have had it actually stall on me once. I expect that sorta stuff here and there i guess but definitely didn't happen with my mpc 2500 LE in the past.

Anyone with a MPC 5000 just give me some input here. That would help.

Like things to look for with the unit, if i should deoxit the q link sliders to get a better response while chopping or if theres a slight work around to speed it up. Thanks guys! Ive always been reading on these forums for along time. Years and years.... and this is one of the few times reaching out.

By Zedisded Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:55 pm
I had 64mb and upped to it 192mb and I didn't see any real noticeable change. My current workflow is I save all my projects on my CF (which is 4GB, and I have a card reader for my MBP, but I don't really use it tbh) and all my samples are saved on an upgraded 7200rpm internal drive. This made a big difference to the performance, loading samples, listening to samples etc is way faster. But yeah, I think its USB 1 they are using to plug into the internal drive which is SLOOOOOOW. It took me 8 hours to loads up all my samples.

I think a big thing to remember here is the age of the machine, its almost 10 years old, a lot of your gripes just stem down to the fact that the motherboard, ram etc are just slow by todays standards. That said, I don't get lag when chopping up samples but I am not an MPC master :D so I may just be a lot slower than you at editing. I think updated code could do heaps for the 5000 but we have more chance of Donald Trump resigning and saying it was all a big joke than seeing Numark invest any extra time in the 5000. It's a pity, it really is a well deserving machine.