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By rnrmusicgrp Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:27 pm
Hey Community of MPC-Forums!

I have a problem I'm encountering at my studio with a sync setup between an MPC 5000 and Pro Tools.

In Pro Tools I go to the Setup menu and choose Peripherals.

I click on the Synchronization tab and make sure MTC Reader Port is set to Any.

I press the Online button on Pro Tools transport. Blue button starts flashing.

On MPCI go to the MIDI/Sync menu.

I set the Sync Out for the MIDI output port I'm using. In this case, Output C.

I set Mode to MIDI Time Code.

I set Frame Rate to 30.

I set Send MMC to ON.

When i Press Play on the MPC it triggers play in Pro Tools, but instead of starting at 01|01|000 it appears to change from bars to ticks or something and in Pro Tools will go from saying 01|01|000 to like 34500.

If anyone can help me figure out whats going on wrong, I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP!

I will try and include a video of what is happening on my next post.