Sub-forum for discussion about the DAWs and mobile apps that you use with your MPCs
By DokBrown Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:05 pm
Ableton is a beast DAW but there are simpler & cheaper options

IF the MPC is your main rig like me, then your DAW is just a compliment. Ableton/PUSH are collecting dust since I got the roland MV in 2018. I really only use my DAW when I need to simultaneously record 4 tracks [which has been killed by COVID]. Below are some simple/cheap alternatives. ... th-Splice-

Audacity [free/simple]
I use this for basic chopping before it hits my MPC to conserve memory space.

STUDIO1 is making a lot of headway with the ATOM controller[s]
If you buy a presonus audio interface NEW, they toss this in.
I suspect there are a lot of “free licenses” floating out there

I have never used Garage Band, but it is included FREE. Thus, it has a large loyal base.
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By Koekepan Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:41 pm
I'll pile in here too.

First: Audacity is pretty capable. You can chop, replace, apply edits, all sorts of effects. If you want the equivalent of a tape library plus mixing desk, don't ignore Audacity. It's also great for importing and reformatting files.

Cheap: Renoise. If you like dealing with samples and you're OK with a tracker interface, Renoise is stupidly powerful.

Potent: There's a thing called sunvox (check out that is cheap on iOS and Android, and free on a bunch of other platforms including mac/win/lin. It gives you a virtual modular sound design interface, an open-ended arranger, and pattern tracking plus live play/recording and ... and ... if you can't make mind-bending sounds with it, the problem is you.

Wild: from the same guy that brought you sunvox (yes, it's one guy) you can check out VirtualANS. It's a real DAW, but you run it by drawing the sonogram. I won't say more, my words are too weak to explain the brainspace that you can inhabit.

Free: Many things in the Open Source world are getting very mature. In no particular order, check out LMMS, Ardour, Rosegarden, and Muse. Also, consider musescore if you are looking for a music notation editor.