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By SuperSilvia Thu Jul 14, 2022 1:17 pm
Hello everybody, I got suggested by M-Audio service to download MPC beat. My need is simply to overdub my vocal on a file recorded by my band. The track is a mp3 file due to the lightweight needed to export via Whatsapp, we are far from each other. Once I receive it, I can open/load the file in MPC beat (under sample section) but no way to play it and, in the meanwhile, sing on it in order to overdub it. :hmmm:
I need the DAW to add my vocal on the track which I need to listen to, during the whole process.
I used to use Audacity but I am facing many compatibility issues with M-Audio M-track DUO interface working with Windows 10.
Thanks for any help you can provide :mrgreen: