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By InfitiuBeats Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:04 pm
Just purchased the upgrade today for MPC Ren was wondering if any PC users have been able to do what the MAC users have done as far as running both 1.9.6 and 2.x on the same pc. I have a lot of 32bit version song files and I really need to be able to access them .. any help or comments is greatly appreciated
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By InfitiuBeats Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:06 pm
So for anybody interested as I see there have been a few views but no replies; you can run 2.x and 1.9.6 (32bit) on the same pc. During the setup the installer will say that 32bit functionaility will be disabled but that it will not remove the 32bit app file, I confirmed this as the only app it changed was the 64 bit app file in the "Program Files" folder. I ran the 32 bit 1.9.6 and 2.4 without a hitch, just each time you switch between the versions you get a pop-up saying welcome and that you used the other version last.

As a side note prior to installing I did make a back-up copy of the 64 bit 1.9.6, I really don't plan to use it but I'll probably rename the file with ms-dos commands and then see if it works. Anyways, hopefully this will be helpful to someone