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By foge1 Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:43 pm
THe Ren is going to be sooooo awesome soon...

Had some time tonight for the first time in weeks to play with it.

Was trying to setup the qlinks so I could do some live remixing ish sort of things.
Its so close to be really really killer.

1) Firstly there seems to be a bug for me :
WHen I open the track mute button my qlinks that are assigned to effects values keep resetting when I try to change them via the knobs.
Thats a real shame as controlling track mutes and qlinks would be cool.

2) It seems that the qlinks can't be set to control any of the parameters of the master effects?? The most obvious kind of lowpass filter effects on the mix buss etc. seem out of reach at the moment thats a real shame. When in qlink FX mode I don't see any option to select effects on the mix buss, I think this should be changed.

3) Why split the Prog Q and the FX Q ?
I may wish to assign the send 1 level of a drum kit say to a delay. Bizarrely this is classed as a Prog Q and not a FX Q so you can't have FX sends and FX parameters on the same Q link area. THis is a shame.

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By optik415 Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:54 pm
I would like master effects to be controlled as well.I have a live beat set soon and i kinda need this feature.I have no idea how im gonna approach my live set with the Ren.If you come up with any tips or tricks please let me know.
By Mariano Fri May 28, 2021 1:42 pm
Hello, sorry for bring back an ancient post, but im having the same issue with MPC Software 1.9.6

In Track Mute mode, the qlinks are disabled until i turn off track mute and i want to mute tracks and change a filter at the same time.

Any advice??