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By monsoonmoon22 Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:35 pm

Just got my Ren - loving it so far but it seems to be lacking in the effects selection and editing from the hardware.

Things I've noticed:

1. Using the hardware and PROG EDIT->Effects, its possible to select 4 insert effects, BUT the WINDOW button is not active so its impossible to jump into each effect from here. You can only do this from the software. This should be possible!
2. From the PROG MIX view, you can see and select the first insert effect per pad and the WINDOW button is active so you can jump in and edit from here. BUT ONLY FOR THE 1ST OF 4 INSERT EFFECTS. So again you must use the software to see/edit insert effect 2 - 4.
3. From the hardware and PROG EDIT->Effects page it would be nice to be able to highlight the Send amount and hit the WINDOW button in order to bring up the Send effect for editing.

1. Similar to the PROG MIX, from the TRACK MIX its only possible to call up the 1st insert effect using the WINDOW button. So for tracks its impossible to call up and edit insert effects 2 - 4 without using the software! (actually only the effect in the 2nd slot is visible on the hardware - maybe this is a bug?)

Any comments?

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By JAH Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:47 am
1. Feature request: In Program Edit, once you add a Pad Insert FX, the [Window] button is 'active' when the cursor is on that particular FX.

2. In Program and Track Mix, you access to all FX slots from the hardware. Pressing F5 multiple times allows you to select which Insert you want...1-4. Note the 4 little blocks underneath the Insert tab.

3. The Ren only has 4 Master Send Fxs. You access the actual FXs in Effects Mode. But it is a nice idea to have a short cut.

These are all in the manual.
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By JAH Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:20 pm
monsoonmoon22 wrote:hey jah,

thanks for your reply... sorry i missed this stuff in the manual..

but in prog edit my WINDOW button is not active whilst the cursor is on a particular fx slot!! i'm using the lastest version.

does this work for you?

What version are you using specifically? I don't want to assume anything.
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By es-k Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:51 pm
im also using 1.3.1

im in pgm edit, in effects tab (f6).. i cursor down to insert 1, and use the data wheel to select an effect and load it... looks like monsoonmoon22 is right.. the window key never activates for any the fx.

im not 100% sure but it looks like the window key never gets used in pgm edit at all