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By jfv Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:04 pm
Hey Guys!
So unfortunatly i dont have a lot of friends that are interested in producing.
Im glad for everyone who can help me because right now i dont see where i made the mistake.
I tried to do a quick "sketch" to visualize the setup.
I always used the Touch to Sample from my Library. The MPC plugin Akai offers for FL Studio works fine and i had no problems until now.
But now i decided to finally buy a Turntable ( pre amp included) and an audio interface ( Komplete Audio 6).
I managed to install the driver and hooked everything up. It worked fine the audio played in FL Studio when i chose the inputs 1/2 from the Audio Interface.

So now i wanted to use the MPC Touch too.
First i connected the turntable with the mpc touch ( chinch L/R to the Input from the MPC Touch)
No Signal at all.
i wanted to include the interface anyway so i came up with this other setup.
So now my main question.
Why do i receive the Audio Signal from my Turntable in Fl Studio but not in the MPC Plugin inside FL Studio ?
The Audio Interface shows, that it sents the music through the Main Outputs 1/2.
I cant select any audio device in preferences when i open the menu in the MPC Plugin inside Fl Studio.
Only when i open the MPC Programm that is a DAW by itself.
(I did a quick test: If i put the Audio Interface as Device in the Akai DAW i can see that i receive a signal from the turntable but i still cant hear anything, even if i record it and play it back.)

Has it to do with the Outputs ? Do i need to sent the Signal back to the Audio Interface to hear it ?
I thought the usb connection between the DAW and the touch is enough..
or maybe im missing a button i have to press in Fl Studio.

Im really helpful for any help because its getting frustrating haha. Those are my first tries to understand how everything works and i couldnt find any forum that was talking exaclty about this.
have a good day and greetings from germany !