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By jfv Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:04 pm
Hey Guys!
So unfortunatly i dont have a lot of friends that are interested in producing.
Im glad for everyone who can help me because right now i dont see where i made the mistake.
I tried to do a quick "sketch" to visualize the setup.
I always used the Touch to Sample from my Library. The MPC plugin Akai offers for FL Studio works fine and i had no problems until now.
But now i decided to finally buy a Turntable ( pre amp included) and an audio interface ( Komplete Audio 6).
I managed to install the driver and hooked everything up. It worked fine the audio played in FL Studio when i chose the inputs 1/2 from the Audio Interface.

So now i wanted to use the MPC Touch too.
First i connected the turntable with the mpc touch ( chinch L/R to the Input from the MPC Touch)
No Signal at all.
i wanted to include the interface anyway so i came up with this other setup.
So now my main question.
Why do i receive the Audio Signal from my Turntable in Fl Studio but not in the MPC Plugin inside FL Studio ?
The Audio Interface shows, that it sents the music through the Main Outputs 1/2.
I cant select any audio device in preferences when i open the menu in the MPC Plugin inside Fl Studio.
Only when i open the MPC Programm that is a DAW by itself.
(I did a quick test: If i put the Audio Interface as Device in the Akai DAW i can see that i receive a signal from the turntable but i still cant hear anything, even if i record it and play it back.)

Has it to do with the Outputs ? Do i need to sent the Signal back to the Audio Interface to hear it ?
I thought the usb connection between the DAW and the touch is enough..
or maybe im missing a button i have to press in Fl Studio.

Im really helpful for any help because its getting frustrating haha. Those are my first tries to understand how everything works and i couldnt find any forum that was talking exaclty about this.
have a good day and greetings from germany !
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By ghost 47 Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:52 pm
“Most” if not all turntables need to amplified (to line level) before going into (Any MPC) This is why mixers are used. For their amplification, Eq or filtering if applicable on said mixer. From what I gather from your configuration. You can sample through your interface into your DAW (FL) . However daunting this may be, as a work around you could export the sample from one DAW to the other then proceed as you see fit. The key to solve your issue is a mixer inserted before the MPC, either the Turntable kind or a small desktop in-line mixer with a few channels on it. It boils down to signal flow when all said and done. You’re receiving audio in FL because it’s being amplified by your audio interface, but when plugged directly into the Touch, Nothing, because it’s in need of amplification. Or another workaround, you could output your interface’s headphone jack into the Back of the Touch using a 3.5mm to RCA Audio cord when sampling through your interface, but be Leary of any feedback.