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By MPC-Tutor Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:28 am

Out Now - MPC 2.5 Update for the 'MPC Touch Bible 2'!

This is a huge update with an additional 200 pages of content which covers features such as Mutherducker, new Air FX, Autosampler, Xfade, new FX gui, new plugin instruments and much more.

This update is completely FREE for all existing owners of the book!

Download the updated book directly from your customer account:


Thinking about buying?

If you own an MPC Touch and haven't checked out the MPC Touch Bible 2 yet, head over to MPC-Samples for more info on the most up-to-date and complete guides to the MPC available today!

https://www.mpc-samples.com/product.php ... h-bible-2/