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By veda95 Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:29 am
Just a workflow question, maybe easy:
Let's say that we already have a sequence, in loop or not, a drum track made in program mode and i'm not sure about the samples, so, i want to try few pgm instead of the one i used on this track, is there a way to play the sequence in loop and to try other pgm without having to load them and return to main screen to change the program one by one? i mean for exemple i play the loop and navigate through my pgm's and it change automatically so i can hear the difference quickly? and same question for just one pad, one sample, a kick or whatever...

Thank you!
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By Monotremata Sat Aug 31, 2019 7:53 pm
Nope, I think everybody has wanted this since the very first sampler ever hit the market haha. Your best bet is to learn to constantly use the 'Purge samples' function before you save your projects. Otherwise all that **** you dont end up using will stick to that project forever until you remove it from the list, and save a new copy of it somewhere else.

Im still working on a batch of songs I started when I got the MPC and was still learning it. When I get to what I call the 'finished product' theyre so cluttered with **** that either never got used or got replaced along the way, I have a whole procedure I do before its done. I go through it and rearrange all the tracks/programs in the order I want them in the mixer, delete and re-add and reassign them where they need to go. Then you have to go through the list of programs and delete each one from the project that isn't used. After this, you purge the unused samples from the project, save a copy of the song to new location, and finally you've got a nice clean project folder. Im planning on eventually moving from the software to a hardware MPC once I can afford it and find the right model, so I like to keep all my projects tidy so theyre ready to be moved over once I get it. Depending on the model I get, I gotta watch the memory so I like the keep them all as clean as possible so I'll be able to just copy a project over and pick up and go from there.