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By Yerbalist Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:09 am
Hi there,
I noticed theres an option to save just the track, which is exactly what I need. Eg. sometimes I like drums from my old proj, other time its only bassline track, etc...

I made a test, saved the pattern (.mpcpattern) however I am not able to load it via my MPC Studio browser.

File is visible, but wont load. You have to drag it manually by mouse via Soft. Ability to quickly recall just single tracks, NOT the whole SEQ, would be super dope option.

For now I just copy events from the selected track to empty seq and save that.. but that means I have to inport whole sequence, then move track midi to my existing one. I tried to save as MIDI file but it also recalls it as whole sequence section..
Any tips guys on saving single and loading just tracks? I sent AKAI request via Software, not sure if they read them at all :hmmm: