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By jbrown3318 Thu Oct 21, 2021 4:09 am
Greetings MPC Universe!

I am contemplating coming over to the AKAI world and starting with entry level gear. Could anyone tell me if the VIP 3 software comes free with the purchase of the MPC Studio 2 controller?

I own tons of other VST plugins, etc. that I would like to navigate better. So ironically, the VIP 3 software is more appealing to me (from what I have read) than the actual MPC Studio 2 controller itself.

I saw in the MPC Expansion store that I could actually get the MPC PREMIER software for $149, which includes MPC 2, VIP 3 , AIEP 3 Complete, 10 MPC Expansions Packs and 4 bonus Exclusive MPC Plugins.

Problem is I only have a Maschine MK1 controller (don't beat me up too bad), and I don't know if I would be able to utilize the full feature set of the MPC 2 Software DAW well enough with this controller. And to add on top of this problem, I already own all of the AIEP 3 Complete plugins.

I figured that if the MPC Studio 2 came with VIP 3 also, then I would get the biggest bang for my buck. I would be getting an official MPC controller, MPC Software, and VIP for $269 (just a little over $100 more than buying the MPC Premier software alone). And I wouldn't be re-purchasing stuff I already own.

Otherwise if this is not the case, and I have to buy the VIP 3 software separately on top of the MPC Studio 2, would there be a discount upgrade price to get to the VIP 3 software for existing MPC owners?

Thanks in advance for your help.

By jbrown3318 Sat Oct 23, 2021 5:41 pm
Greetings all,

No one ever replied to me on my first MPC forum post. So I am assuming that it probably was a dumb question, or I needed to do more research. I dug further, and did find that a place called pluginfox.co has VIP 3 Standard on sale for $49. So I may go that route.

But now, with little feedback on the MPC Studio 2, and a few negative feedback posts I have seen in the forum about the MPC Software hiccups, I am wondering if I should still stay in the Maschine realm and just save up for a hardward MPC down the road if necessary.

Thanks again. Happy beat making! :)