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By IvanC Thu Nov 04, 2021 1:14 pm
Hello to everybody in the MPC forums community!

I'm currently playing with a MPC Studio mk2 and I have somme issues with the step sequencer mode, and I was wondering if I was in front of some bugs or something I didn't get...

First thing, I want to use my Studio mk2 to enter the notes in the step sequencer with a sequence having the default size of 32 notes / 2 bars. I can't find any way to navigate between the first 16 steps and the last 16 steps using only the controller. I can do in MPC Software by selecting the current bar index entry though. I thought that using the pad bank buttons would help, but the first one is always on and nothing happens if I push the other ones. Do you know a way to navigate between the bars using only the controller buttons?

Second remark, again with the step sequencer, when I want to select the pad that is edited, for example the kick on A01, I need to use the shift button, select the pad I want, and release the shift button, so I can see the steps currently enabled on the 16 pads for that kick. Now, let's say I want to do the same with the pad A15. I do the same thing than before, no problem. And now, let's say I want to do it for B01. Since the shift button is being pushed, pushing the B pad bank button will enable the F bank instead, and so I can't have any access to the B, C, and D pad banks using the controller only! Is there a way to do that without using the mouse and the keyboard, or is it a bug / a feature miss?

Thanks in advance!
By nyllexd Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:01 am
i can confirm both of these issues.
i would be being able to switch bars via the +/- buttons or the event buttons.

the step sequencer does need some love, its such an overlooked feature and everybody just seems to be worried about how easy it should be to make a beat, but once you get further into mpc you start to notice the cracks in the shell.
please dont make me regret my purchase akai