Bug reports & end-user support for Akai's MPC Software 'controllers' including the new MPC Studio 2, the MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance & original MPC Studio and MPC StudioB lack.
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By JDSY Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:08 pm

sorry- just over excited.

I was thinking of buying and trying out the Rennaissance. I did really well with the 'studio black' a while back and I sold some gear- so I think I can afford it soon.

So- this Ren, it will serve as an interface for my computer correct? I have a firestudio mobile from presonus, that only partially works (I think because it's old), and right now I am not even using studio monitors with my computer. Just using a Yamaha THR5A guitar amp.

The Rennaissance will take up a bit of space too...

I think it looks magnificent. Might have to use a bigger table. . . .

So do yall know if these items are still working fine in todays world of computing? I've got an older computer with win 10. The MPC software worked fine when I used it a year or two ago.

What else is good about the Ren?

Is it possible to record audio (vocals) while playing back FL Studio? how would that work? . . . I just wonder if I can utilze the Rens inputs while using non- AKAI software. Audition 2022. and FL.

Any type of info I should know- or your own personal review on the pro's and cons of this machine, chime in please.

Thank you!