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By truability Sun Jan 09, 2022 11:37 pm
Okay, maybe im doing something wrong, but this has been an issue since I got the thing 2 years ago.

I finally thought I had it figured out and working good, make a dope beat, which I need to export all tracks as separate audio files.

Hit Export as Audio Mixdown.

First I tried with Explode tracks selected, WAV, 16 and 44.1 i believe. And maybe half the files exported properly, but my main sample just glitches as well as many of my other tracks.

So i tried re-exporting after exploding each individual track first, thought that might do the trick as it seemed like the glitch would happen on any track with multiple samples.

This just made things worse. Now i have 55 tracks to export, and maybe a handful of them export properly. The majority of them make a small click type noise where the sample should be playing. So if i had a boom boom clap type track, it would sound like, click click click, in place of the sample instead.

This is sooo frustruating. I could be doing something wrong, im still pretty new to the ecosystem. However, I Finally found a solution to making beats that worked for me, which was just using 1 sequence. Multiple tracks, muting them when im working on a new one usually, and keep layering till i have a solid songs worth of samples/tracks i could use. Then exporting to Logic pro where I prefer to work (So no song mode setting here).

Any help would be appreciated, maybe I just need to update the software. its really just glitchy though, even when i do get it to export properly on other songs, the first audio file is always dead air. and usually theres at least a few sample/tracks that are just glitching like mentioned above.

F#$@, i finally made a good beat too lol. :hmmm: