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By ginsuthaironchef Fri Jan 14, 2022 6:02 am
I recently got my first patchbay, a Samson S-Patch. I use an RME Fireface 800 interface.

Here’s the gear I’m routing into the patchbay:

Akai S950 (TRS-TRS snake, going from the outputs of the 950 to slots 1-8 of the top row on the back of the patchbay.)

Akai MPC Renaissance (TRS stereo outs to slots 9-10 on the top row of the back patchbay. Also have a single TRS-RCA cable going from slot 10 on the bottom back of the patchbay to the line input of the MPC Ren.)

Turntable/dj mixer (RCA-single TRS from mixer outs to slot 24 of the patchbay top row back)

Roland SP404fx (RCA-single TRS from SP404 outs to slot 11 of the top back patchbay, and an RCA -single TRS going from the bottom back of the patchbay to the SP404 inputs)

OP-1 (aux-TRS, from both the in and out of the OP-1, going to slot 12 top and bottom back of patchbay.)

I’ve attached an image of how I’ve currently got the gear routed.

I’m setting everything up now. When I try and sample from my dj mixer into the MPC Renaissance I can BARELY hear the audio and basically get no signal on the sample monitoring meter on the Mpc. I have the preferences in the MPC software set to “input-built in input, and output-Fireface800”.

Can anyone suggest how my gear should be routed? My goal is to be able to route my turntable into different samplers, and also route my mpc, s950, and OP-1, through my sp404.

My RME Fireface 800 interface has 10 inputs btw.