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By ginsuthaironchef Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:43 am
*Sorry for multiple long posts about my patchbay!

I’m trying to figure out how to route the following:

Turntable/dj mixer > MPC Renaissance inputs

MPC Renaissance > SP404fx

In the MPC software as both inputs and outputs set to MPC Renaissance Core Audio. I’ve tried Bit accurate as well.

I have a L and R TS to single TRS cable going from MPC main outputs, to a top slot on the back of my patchbay.

RCA to single TRS cable going from MPC line input to the slot directly under the cable for the MPC output.

I have the dj mixer RCA out to a single TRS cable going to a slot on the top row of the back of the patchbay.

On the front of the patch bay I’ve got a TRS patch cable going from the mixer slot to the MPC input slot.

When I play a record the audio BARELY comes through to my MPC, and a lot of static hiss.

When I try and play a beat on the Mpc and route the output of the Mpc to the input of the SP404 I get no audio at all getting to the SP404.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The patchbay is supposed to simplify this workflow, as I usually plug and pull all these connections between the machines.