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By Trismos Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:57 pm

I'm using the MPD 218 with Ableton. I have an electric bass instrument loaded and can play the notes as they are assigned by default by the controller. I wish to assign them to a different set of pads in a specific order. In the editor I can drop and drag the pads to where I want them to be but I can't figure out how to load this to the MPD 218.
I saved the assignments as a preset and then pressed "Send to Hardware" but nothing changes. I am editing and using the correct bank (C). The window of the editor indicates the pad I want to assign the midi information to has that information. Some simple thing I'm not doing?

Thanks in advance,
By John G. Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:43 am
Hi I have now registered extra on the forum, because I have almost as a mistake with the MPD218, and that when I press on the PADs completely different things happen at FL Studio than the sound coming out there, if I press on PAD 13 goes the metronome on or if I press PAD 5 loop recording on, can someone help me there please?
By strvnger Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:33 pm
hey in case you havent gotten this solved yet: press and hold the prog select button on the bottom left corner of the mpd218 and choose one of the pads! those are your presets. i had the same problem where i would save presets in the editor and send them to hardware but couldnt figure out how to actually change them. prog select solves that for you.