Support and chat about Akai's range of MIDI controllers, including the MPD. MPK and LPD
By Jeer Wed Dec 29, 2021 1:36 pm
Hello all :worthy:

I've just got an Akai Mpk Mini Play which is sold with Mpc Beats.
I've got a Pc with Windows 10.

After installing everything, I discovered that the 16 pads of the akai don't do any noise inside Mpc Beats.
The Editor that I also downloaded is not very friendly and English is not my native language, so I don't understand a thing of what I should do.

I've followed a few youtubers who give numbers to type in the pads, then save the favorites, etc... but once I open Mpc Beats, nothing happens. :hmmm:

On the net there a lot of tutorials for the Mpk Mini 2 or 3, but not for the Mini Play...

Does anyone know what I should do? :?:

Thanks a lot for your help.