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By urieldeveaud Sat Jul 09, 2022 2:12 pm
Hi guys,
i am having an issue with one of the encoder knob on the mpk mini mk3.
it is jumping INC/DEC when i turn it smoothly... the others are fine, not sure why it started to go wrong, i never really force it or treat it badly, .. after all, it is cheap a keyboard.

if you ask if the settings are good, Yes! they are good, i now quite well the editor and nothing here is different from the other knobs settings... so i think the encoder get a trouble on its own.

my question, before i open it, is there anything i must check on the hardware ? wrong soldering or something?
and what type of encoder part i need to search for to replace it ? please :)

thank you for your help (i suppose i am not the only one to get this keyboard and get some troubles.
have a nice day