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By Dany06hd Sun Sep 17, 2023 11:08 pm
I would like to use the Akai midimix to of course mix the audio tracks from my MPC live 2 into a main mix.
But also use the faders to create a sub-mix, assigned to the headphone output, to monitor each track individually.
During live playing, I want to be able to research, listen to and prepare my sounds, adjust the effects, adjust everything, program, record the sequences, and check thoroughly on headphones, before sending them into the main mix.
Besides that, being able to assign the mixer button group: faders pan, fx send, etc... in a program, let say "audio mix", then switch the group to other functions like filter, effects parameters etc. .. in another dedicated program.
All this without interrupting the musical performance (off course all the programs will be made in advance).
Does this seem possible to you?
Easy ?
Thanks in advance, Daniel