Support and chat about Akai's range of MIDI controllers, including the MPD. MPK and LPD
By CantStevens Wed Sep 09, 2020 5:17 am
Hi new friends!

I am a new owner of an MPD232. Man, this thing shreds! I am not new to controllers or sequencers, though MIDI is not my native language, nor is coding.

I love writing with the step sequencer, reminds me of my old Korg Electribe, but it's got such a great tactile feel.

Here's what I didn't know getting into it: NO PATTERN BANKS FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL SEQUENCER! :Sigh:

Well now... I am in no way about to swap that thing for a trigger finger or a beatstep pro... I really like the layout of the MPD. I just freaking love playing it!! So, what kinds of workarounds have y'all found on this humdinger? Anything that'll respond on the interface buttons & lights? Ideally I'd love to have every functionality of Redrum at my fingertips, at least as far as pattern banks goes.

Thanks in advance!