Submit bug reports and feature requests for the JJOS-XL and 2XL
By Grump Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:27 pm
Would it be possible to add the processes of inverting the phase on the highlighted section of a sample in Trim mode to JJOS2XL, as is implemented in OS128XL, and also would it be possible to add an offset in the form of a half-cycle sine wave within the highlighted section of a sample, in either a positive or negative swing? So midway between the start and end of the selection is the peak or trough of the offset, the idea being that one could in theory, narrow a window to one sample and remove a pop or click, or alter the harmonic content of a sample by adding or removing various offsets within the existing waveform, or even just create a waveform from silence by adding offsets in positive and negative directions, and by widening or narrowing the selected region, one determines which frequency's energy is being added or removed. Basically, a DC offset function with faded edges. Maybe replacing the Ring Mod function, if there is a need to make space in the OS for it?