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By Sense-A Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:52 pm
1. Auto Normalize Samples (similar to MPC 4000)
2. Custom Macro in TRIM MODE that allows me to perform multiple processes in one go. For example, (Normalize + BitCrunch to 10bit/22050)
3. Preview samples before loading (like MPC 4000)
4. The ability to copy multiple steps in step edit mode (may already be possible?). Something like holding a shift button on a computer to highlight a section to copy and paste somewhere else.
5. SP-1200 mode because of all the hype surrounding the classic sound, clones and VSTs made to imitate it, maschine's take on it, etc.
6. Better interpolation/transposition algorithms for samples. Something the Akai S1100 exceled at.
7. A JJOS upgrade that includes a hardware modification
8. A software editor that integrates with JJOS
9. Route foot switch to MODE or SHIFT button, so I can hold down my foot on a sustain pedal instead of holding shift, or hold MODE while pushing a pad. Also, route foot switch to window button. This way i can use my foot to cycle through windows.
10. :idea: Sample in lower bitrate or lower sample rate to begin with. :nod: Lower than 44.1 kilohertz. How about 32k? 22,050 kilohertz?
11. Use Q-Link slider in RENAME screen to scroll alphabet and numeric values.
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By Sense-A Thu Feb 04, 2021 12:56 am
Elaborating on #7

An example of this is the larger screen upgrade. It was sort of a collaboration between mpc stuff and JJOS. A larger screen and an update to the OS to accommodate it.

Imagine if they could do this to expand memory, add filters, add inputs or outputs, or develop mods like some of the older samplers have?

Also, can you create the ability to copy a directory from hard drive to the CF card? Or copy an entire directory from a CF card to the internal hard drive? I don't think there's any way to do that right now.
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By Sense-A Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:11 pm
I just thought of an awesome feature.

You know how the Ensoniq ASR-10 has patch buttons? If you hold down a patch button then a key will trigger a different sample.

Well, the MPC 1000 has two foot switches.

So implement a feature so that if I'm holding down on one of the foot switches, it triggers a different sample or layer for a pad.

This would allow you to get up to 4 samples on one pad via use of the foot switches.

both foot switches unpressed, normal sample 1 on pad 1
left foot switch pressed, sample 2 on pad 1
right foot switch pressed, sample 3 on pad 1
both foot switches pressed, sample 4 on pad 1

This would allow layering in pads and control via the foot switches.

Also, the numeric button has no useful function on the MPC 1000. Is there any way JJOS could reassign the numeric button to something more useful? What do you guys think?
By soulgolem Tue Mar 09, 2021 2:57 am
here is a simple request using JJOS 2XL

in the main screen you can set a different midi note out per pad.
from 0 (C-2) to 127 (G_8).

it would be infinitely useful to also have an "OFF" option per pad so some pads send midi note out and some don't.

right now to achieve this simple thing you need to buy extra hardware.

thank you !
By eLuSiVeMiTe Thu Mar 25, 2021 12:00 am
One thing I really miss coming to the 1000 jjos2xl from a renaissance

I can't filter incoming midi.

I can choose what Channel a track sends midi out on but not what Channel it will receive on.

If I'm running another sequencer through the mpc to my hardware it will record every Channel on the active track not just the channel passing through.

I can work around it but would be nice to have
By mototopspin Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:11 am
JJOS version: OS3

1) When using non destructive chop, the ability to chromatically assign numbers to the chop pads if one want to use 1-16 with default chops.

2) Display volume slider value above bar for better accuracy when mixing in track mixer screen
By Paradigm X Mon Jun 21, 2021 1:10 pm
Please make the arpeggiator useful!

I cant understand why you cant record a chord into a sequence and use that to trigger the arpeggiator (or am i missing something?)

it went from something i was really excited about to disappointed.

many thanks
By littlejackal Fri Oct 08, 2021 3:37 am
Would love a function to copy folders from memory card to hard drive and vice versa.

Would make moving samples to hard drive a lot easier without having to rely on flaky USB1 port. No good way to do this other than loading samples and saving them individually right now, unless I’m missing something.

Not sure how I would expect this to work, logically though. Only show this option if both storage devices are detected, and maybe limit it to only contents of top level folders for now.

Tap mode, hit SAVE pad, then select “FILE COPY”.. Whatever media you have selected as your target, the file selector would then show the root of the other folder. If you want to make it more complex you could allow users to browse into folders on the source drive, but a quick and dirty way would just be to allow selection of either individual folders or individual files in the root folder. The destination selector would remain the same as it is for other save modes.

In my mind this is strictly for ease of moving large sample packs or one-shots. My USB1 is incredibly flaky so the only reliable way I have to do this is to pull the internal storage any time I want to move files there :(
By littlejackal Wed Oct 13, 2021 1:35 pm
I'll do one more that isn't as convoluted:

Would like to see something akin to the newer MPC's performance mode where I can assign more scales to pads, not just chromatic. The next logical evolution of chromatic assignment, but with different scales. Ideally not horribly hard to implement, replace the Chromatic assignment F-key with Chord window and let us assign chromatic, pentatonic, lydian, whatever else. Basically just changing the tuning I think so the foundations are all there already (IMO)