Submit bug reports and feature requests for the JJOS-XL and 2XL
By kazakore Sat Mar 04, 2023 12:51 pm
For me the way Undo works on JJOS2XL is completely unusable! I don't know if it's different on any other software versions but it's not mentioned in the comparison table so I'm assuming it works the same everywhere. As it is you can only Undo when transported is Stopped and the Undo buffer is everything since you started playing (assuming using live recording.)

Two (I hope simple) changes I'd like to see to make Undo usable for both live performance and tracking beats is
A. Undo can be done while a track is Playing and Recording.
B. The contents of the Undo buffer get reset each time you enter Record mode. (So if you're happy with what you just laid down turn Record/Overdub off then back on again to flush it out of the Undo buffer.)

This way when layering sounds while playing live if you make an error you can quickly undo and clear only the last part you recorded without having to interrupt output. As it is you would delete absolutely everything (assuming you started from completely blank slate) and have to stop audio playback to do that useless task.