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By MPC-Tutor Mon Jan 12, 2004 11:28 pm
Welcome to :D

First some facts:

This is an independently run forum for MPC users, and is owned and run by myself. It's part of a network of MPC-related sites that I run: MPC format expansions, kits, tutorials & courses made specifically for MPC users. Loads of freebie info about MPCs including tutorials, articles and free downloads The site you are on now - over 50,000 registered MPC users, and over 100,000 daily visits make this far and away the largest MPC community on the planet!

We are NOT affiliated to Akai in any shape or form and Akai have no official presence here.

Terms of Service

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General Guidelines

Please be civil to everyone. If you don't like somebody, take it 'off' forum or just add them as a 'foe' in your Control Panel - you will no longer see their posts.

On the whole, all questions are good questions, so don't be shy. Sure every now and then the 'regulars' might scream RTFM (read the f**king manual), but generally speaking they are a friendly bunch 8)

If you have a problem with your MPC, try to include as much info as possible - the more info you give, the more chance we can help.

Before posting a question, please use the search function on these forums - you'll find that many of your questions have already been answered.

The search box is here


Using the search box is easy - just read the instructions next to the box (on the left hand side). For example, to search for 'shift timing', enter the following:

shift AND timing

This will search for that exact phrase. Leaving out the 'AND' will search for every occurrence of 'shift' and every occurrence of 'timing' rather than results just containing the entire phrase.

You can also enclose phrases in quotations:

"shift timing"

Please do not post the same thread over multiple sub-forums - pick the most appropriate forum and people will read it.


Try to use descriptive titles to your topics - titles like 'Help' and 'I have a question' and '.....' aren't very good - many people wont bother reading your question.

Remember this forum is full of fellow MPC users who love to help, so please respect any help you have received, and please be patient. We are not front line support for Akai or any other equipment/software manufacturer, but generally speaking most problems do get solved.

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As per forum rules above, no porn avatars are allowed. Same goes for signature images. No commercial advertising in signatures.

Commercial Posting

You'll see various ads around the site, these are either ads for my own courses and expansions, or 'google ads'; these all help pay for the running of this community. No other commercial or promotional posting is allowed - if in doubt, contact me via PM to discuss.