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By jimmy Recard Thu Aug 26, 2021 9:01 am
Hi MPC-Tutor

Finally got it working - but kind of without realising it.

This system is soo user unfriendly and unautomated - that I had to literally go and resize it several times myself in Photoshop to get it both the right Image size and file size for it to accept it.... way more work than should be required. Especially considering not everyone knows how to do that kind of stuff.

Then even though I had everything right - less than 600x600 and smaller than max file size... once uploaded and on this screen - it still looked wrong?

See screenshot below

This screen is soo misleading and confusing because it STILL showed the image was wrong - looks all squished into a square preview even though it's a rectangular image... so I thought 'my god it still won't work - what now?'

Out of desperation I left the screen open and went and opened a thread I had written to see what other people's avatars looked like... and as the page refreshed - to my shock - there was my avatar - unsquished and working perfectly? I was very confused!

So even once you finally get everything right - the upload screen still gives you a false impression that you've still done it wrong. This whole system needs to be removed and replaced with a modern user friendly 'completely automated process' where you upload ANY image - it automatically resizes it, keeping aspect ratios, and shrinks the file sizes to the max acceptable.

Because as I said - there are far more people than you think who don't know how to do this stuff - and even when you do - this awful system just confuses the hell out of you!

I know this is a free forum and I appreciate all the work that goes into all that - but this is just a nightmare.

At the very least - if you can't afford a better system - make VERY VERY clear instructions in a pop - saying 'hey - please keep in mind this isn't a perfect system - make sure you understand that this and this will happen meaning this... the preview will be squished but don't worry etc'.

If you can do that - then you won't have a dedicated thread just to people exasperated out of their minds wasting 10-20 minutes trying to upload a simple avatar! And keep in mind very few people will bother posting about this... for every one who does there's probably 100-1000 more who just give up.

Hope some good can come from this