Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By samwillis Wed Nov 28, 2018 3:15 pm
hi there, does anyone here have an ASQ10 with an updated OS? I'd love to know if this is possible after the update - here's the bit from the MPC 3000 manual that refers to it

The Record 16 Channels Function: Multichannel Recording

In its normal operating mode the MPC3000 can only record one
track at a time. There is, however, a special mode of recording that
allows you to record on all 16 MIDI channels at once. This is very
useful when transferring sequences to the MPC300 from other
sequencers. This feature works by recording the 16 incoming MIDI
channels into the first 16 tracks of a newly-created empty sequence,
with each track assigned to the like-numbered MIDI channel. For
example, track 1 records MIDI channel 1, track 2 records MIDI
channel 2, and so on up to track 16, which records MIDI channel 16.
Track assignments are done automatically.
To use the Record 16 Channels function to transfer a sequence from
an external sequencer to the MPC3000, you must first synchronize
the MPC3000 to the other sequencer using MIDI Clock. To do this:
1. Set the sending sequencer to generate MIDI clock and song
position pointer data.
2. Set the MPC3000 to synchronize to incoming MIDI clock and song
position pointer data. (See the “Syncing to tape and Other Device”
chapter of this manual for details.)
Press the OTHER key, then press SOFT KEY 2, <Rec 16 Chs>,
to view the first Record 16 Channels screen: