Share your knowledge on these two classic MPCs
By psoul Sat May 23, 2020 8:06 pm
ok after years i've finally found the way to have a kind of track mute on mpc60 and mpc3000. is more a pad mute, because you can't mute track but it works on pad volume from mixer page.
mpc60 and 3000 can read sysex messages so basically you need to send on/off value for single pad. there is an early description of this to this mpc-forum link here


and this is the sysex command in question

Drum mixer volume change:

11110000 System exclusive header
01000111 Akai ID (47H)
0000xxxx Unit number (midi channel # 1-16)
01000100 44H
01000xxx Akai product ID (MPC60 = 45H, ASQ10=46H)
00000001 Parameter ID: 01 = Drum mix volume
000xxxxx Drum number (0-31)
0xxxxxxx Data: 0 (off) - 127 (full volume) WRONG the full volume is 100 so 64 on sysex

the message for Pad 1 for example is this

F0 47 00 44 45 01 00 00 F7 (THIS IS VOLUME OFF)
F0 47 00 44 45 01 00 64 F7 (THIS IS VOLUME ON)

and Pad 2

F0 47 00 44 45 01 01 00 F7 (THIS IS VOLUME OFF)
F0 47 00 44 45 01 01 64 F7 (THIS IS VOLUME ON)

so basically to use the same mpc (i suggest to use bank 2 to mute bank 1) is to use a midi translator (such as iphone/ipad midi designer) to map every note on/off from bank 2 to the sysex bank 1 pad. clearly you don't have any sound on bank 2, otherwise u can turn local off ont he setting and use the same bank 1... is a bit complicated so you must be a bit nerd to get it, but it works, as u can see in the video... and once u have mapped all is simple and FUN

link to midi designer

of course you have to make your own "scene" on midi designer, and even here at the beginning is a bit hard then u get it